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Why a Gimbal Head
When using a long telephoto or zoom lens, it can be almost impossible to hand hold your equipment and frame images. To insure your images are sharp, you need a sturdy tripod. If you use a 3 way-head or ball head on the tripod it is extremely difficult to react quickly and follow moving objects. You need to adjust the tension of the ball or unlock the 3-way head. By then the moment is lost.

Only a Gimbal head will do!
The Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head makes your heavy camera and lens system fast-handling and weightless! Attach the lens to the PH-20 and you can smoothly and precisely track fast moving subjects, pre-set your composition or be ready for unexpected photo opportunities.

Superior design, materials and construction
By using cross-pattered, multi-layer carbon fiber in the arm and forged aircraft aluminum for the L-bracket, the PH-20 is very strong - holds up to 44lb/20kg! – and extremely light - only 2.4lb/1.09kg! Plus, carbon fiber offers reduced vibrations and better tolerance to temperature changes. With the camera and lens perfectly balanced on the gimbal head,there’s no need to lock any controls. You can quickly and easily move your camera in any direction with only the slightest amount of force. In fact, a correctly aligned system can be controlled with one finger! Add a Sirui M or R3/R4 series Tripod and you have a strong, sturdy, lightweight, easy to carry platform to hold your camera and long lens for those sharp pictures you demand.
When and why?
Photographing wild birds or animals, shooting sports, tracking racing boats, airplanes, cyclists or runners, or anything that walks, runs or flies, nothing can improve your results like a Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head! And for added flexibility and convenience, the PH-20 can be converted from a L-bracket unit to a simpler side mount system with the included quick release platform and tools.
High strength, low weight carbon fiber for the curved arm    and forged aircraft aluminum for the L-platform.
Makes your camera/lens outfit “weightless” and will smoothly    move horizontally 360° and tilt +150° to -60° (and stay in    position without locking the head!), with a slight touch.

Sirui Innovations
Not all Gimbal heads are created equal. The exciting new Sirui Professional PH-20 Gimbal Head has many innovations that make
it an outstanding choice. From its lightweight but rugged carbon fiber arm, to its Arca-compatible quick release system, calibrated quick release platform and included quick release plate, the Sirui PH-20 is designed with the photographer in mind.
What's Included:
Custom fitted case, Quick release plate, Quick release platform, Tools

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lb (kg)

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Carbon Fiber

9.1 (230) x 4.7 (120) x 9.1 (230)

2.4 (1.09)

44 (20)



PH-120 Quick Release Plate

Sirui Model #



4.72 (120) x 1.53 (39) x 0.47(12)

0.172 (.078)


$ 59.95