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Sirui N-3204X Tripod + K-20X Ball Head – Teemu Oksanen’s Perfect Combo
We are pleased to show still photographer Teemu Oksanen’s beautiful work that was shot with a Sirui N-3204x (formerly the M-3204X) and K-20X Ball Head. Instead of telling you what we think about this combination – hint, it’s really rugged, …

Sirui T-025X Ultra-Compact Tripod wins Editor’s Choice Award!

The impressive reviews for the Ultra-compact Sirui T-025X Tripod Kit just keep coming!

Compact Professional Video Head for Today’s DSLR/Video Systems – the Sirui VH-10 Professional Fluid Video Head
The world of videography has quickly changed over the last few years. Many photographers have realized the need and advantage of shooting videos........
Sirui P-S Series Multi-function Photo/Video Monopods -
The Support Every Videographer Needs

SIRUI has introduced the perfect support system for videographers on the go! The SIRUI P-S Series Multi-function Photo/Video Monopod......

Visit Sirui at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC on October 24-26, 2013

You’ve heard about Sirui, read about the many models and seen real-world results from professional photographers. Now it’s time to handle these great products up close and personal!........
At the 2013 PMA show in Las Vegas, Sirui introduced the second generation of their most popular tripod series – the ultra-compact Sirui T-005/025. The new Sirui T-005X/025X retain all of the features that made the originals so successful, plus a few enhancements that make them even more desirable!
The new Sirui T-005X/025X retain all of the features that made the originals so successful, plus a few enhancements that make them even more desirable!........
Video overview of Sirui tripods at PhotoPlus in NYC!
Just in time for the holidays!
Please check out a quick video that explains the differences between the Sirui T, TX, N and R-series tripods. As you will see, there is a logical progression of features and benefits in each series......
Sirui Professional Tripods & Monopods – It’s all in the twist (locks) As a photographer, you have to decide on the proper tripod (or monopod) for your shooting style and needs. An important element of that decision is the convenience and speed of set-up and break-down.
Sirui R-series Tripods. Handle Big Lenses and Pro Video with one Tripod!! The Sirui R-series tripods are uniquely designed to satisfy many needs. They can be used for still photography - with big cameras, large, fast telephoto lenses and gimbal heads like the Sirui PH-20 - plus, by changing the flat mounting plate, they can be converted into high quality tripods for today's latest video cameras and DSLRs with digital video capabilities!
Shooting with Sirui – The Value of a Quality Tripod
We are pleased to include this newest post about the Sirui T-2005X tripod and K-10X Ball Head, by James Wheeler, a very talented landscape photographer. He has included some amazing images and explains how and why he decided on Sirui as his tripod/ball head choice.
Sirui TX-Series Tripods - The Ultimate Travel Tripods Designed with the traveler in mind
Whether you’re traveling down the street, across the country or around the world, keep you eyes open! As photographers we’re always looking for that next great image. There are times when you can’t get close to your subject, or need to be at a specific distance for the proper perspective. At these times, only a telephoto lens will do the job. And for critical alignment, fast handling and maximum sharpness, a Sirui tripod and ball head is a must!!
Why NyghtFalcon uses Sirui Tripods and Ball Heads
Here is the second in an ongoing series of reviews by professional photographers: The House of NyghtFalcon is an elite group of photographers, from Greensboro, North Carolina, who travel the world, shooting for clients of every category – cruise lines, world-class hotels, architectural firms, corporate and personal portraits, aerial photography…you get the idea

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Do You Need A Sirui Tripod? Yes, you do!
Even with the latest Digital Cameras, you need a Sirui tripod! Today’s digital cameras are capable of producing amazing images. However, as cameras increase their pixel counts, the need for tripods and monopods actually increases! To get the most from high resolution cameras and lenses – to see the small details and smooth, subtle transitions in color – you’ll greatly benefit from using a Sirui tripod or monopod.
Read this excellent review:
"Why I’m Happy I Shoot with a Sirui N-2204 Tripod and G-20 Ball Head"
What Makes Sirui Professional Ball Heads So Good?
There are many reasons that Sirui Professional Ball Heads have been so successful around the world. Innovative design, the use of the finest materials, outstanding quality and unbeatable prices make Sirui Ball Heads the perfect choice for any photographer!
Sirui P Series Professional Monopods
For ultimate stability, nothing but a tripod will do. However, there are times when a tripod is not practical or allowed. A monopod offers excellent stability when working with long telephoto lenses and makes a difference in low-light situations. They’re easy to carry, set up instantly and are ideal in tight spaces.

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Sirui Introduces PH-20 Gimbal Head
When using a long, fast telephoto or zoom lens, it can be almost impossible to hand hold your equipment and frame images. To insure your images are sharp, you need a sturdy tripod and a Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head.
T-005/025 - A runaway success!
The Sirui product line has been extremely successful in the U.S. (and around the world) in a very short period of time and that’s not an easy thing to do! One of the top sellers is the ultra-compact Sirui T-005/025 Series Tripod kits. These exciting models were specially designed for today's point and shoot digital cameras, compact DSLRs and compact camcorders. Let’s take a minute to review why the Sirui T-005/025 has become so popular:
Sirui TX-Series Tripods - The Ultimate Travel Tripods designed with the traveler in mind.