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Significantly improve colors in
your digital photos with the
QP ColorKit 1
Fast • Automatic • Easy to Use • No advanced computer skills required
Digital cameras, like film cameras,
have problems with color accuracy.
The good news is that now there is
a solution for accurate color from
digital cameras --
QP Colorkit 1
Kit Includes:
• 5 QPcard 201 cards
QPcolorsoft 501 color correction
ssoftware for Mac & PC
Easy-to-follow instruction manual
QP ColorKit 1(Item# GQP251) List Price: 199.95
Easy to Use:
1. Shoot the first picture
with a QPcard in the frame.
2. Shoot the rest of the
pictures, under the same
lighting conditions, without
the QPcard in the frame.
3. Open the first picture (containing the QPcard)
in QPcolorsoft 501.
4. Mark the card with
the marking tool.
5. Click "Create Profile" icon
to create color correction profile.
6. Correct colors in the picture by clicking "Convert Image" icon.
7. Save the profile.
8. Batch process the rest of the pictures automatically.
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