The New Zigview S2 Digital Viewfinder has a highly sensitive, no lag, sharp 2.5inch (230k pixel) LCD. It also features a NTSC/PAL Video Output jack so the image can also be viewed on any video monitor. The display module rotates 300° and flips up and down 180° for easy viewing at any angle. The image can be flipped 180° to conform to the screen position.

The Zigview S2 image sensing module and display module can be separated using an accessory video transceiver cable. This enables you to remotely monitor the viewfinder image from up to 40ft away and also fire the shutter remotely from the remote monitor.

Zigview S2 has a programmable motion detector sensor and intervalometer with the same parameters as the Zigview R (see above).

Zigview S2 employs a user changeable standard ENEL5 rechargeable battery. A shooter using the Zigview S2 can have several charged batteries on hand for long shoots.

There are three models of Zigview S2: A, B, C. Each model has a different set of optics specifically designed for different groups of cameras. And, each Zigview S2 model includes interchangeable eye pieces for specific camera models.



ZIGVIEW simply attaches to the eyepiece of your digital or film SLR cameras and displays the image in real time on a 2 inch/TFT color display for easy viewing at any angle.

The Zigview is particularly useful for low angle photography where you would struggle to see through the viewfinder especially with macro work, high angle situations such as press work where it is impossible to see the subject when taking pictures over crowds, and for copy work, etc. Zigview makes it easy to see the subject without difficulty in these, and many more situations.



In addition to the above, the Zigview-R offers a motion sensor shutter release, a sophisticated intervalometer, and a Bulb exposure controller, making it the ideal accessory for wildlife, nature, and macro photography, or any situation where a covert or accurately timed approach is required.

The motion sensor fires the shutter when movement is detected based on changes in brightness levels in 9 areas of the viewfinder image. This innovative design allows the sensor area to cover any distance and any area of view including the most extreme telephoto and wide angle lenses. The sensitivity of each trigger is variable to allow movement in parts of the field of view.

Zigview-R’s intervalometer can be set to fire the shutter over a period of up to 999 days with exposure intervals of between ½ second to 99 days, allowing huge creative possibilities.  This can be combined, if required, with its timed “BULB” feature which can be accurately set over a wide range enabling photographers to repeatedly control long exposures.

Both the Motion Sensing and Intervalometer can be started at the push of a button, on a countdown timer, or at a specific time and date with almost limitless shutter applications.



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