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As photo/videographers master the art of creating videos, they often need to get away from a tripod to produce scenes with smooth movements and perspective changes.

The VTJ-1.8 Travel Jib can provide height changes and following/panning capabilities not possible when your camera is at a fixed position and height. The VTJ-1.8’s portability, flexibility and economy make it ideal for any shooting situation!

The first time you handle the Sirui VTJ-1.8 you will be impressed with its smooth operation, solid feel and professional performance. The precision machining and high performance bearings let you effortlessly pan across the scene or transition from a high viewpoint to ground level.

The forged aluminum alloy body parts are strong, light and can easily hold up to 9.9 lbs. of gear. The lightweight, 10-layer 100% Carbon Fiber extendable arms provide maximum flexibility and noticeably reduce vibrations.

When you’re moving your camera on the jib, you can’t look through the lens or easily see the camera’s screen. That’s why the Sirui VTJ-1.8 includes a monitor platform that can hold a portable video monitor so you can see what the camera sees. And for total flexibility, Sirui includes a flat camera platform and video platform with a 75mm bowl. As you tilt the jib, the auto leveling mechanism keeps your camera perfectly locked onto your subject of interest.

While it’s important to have smooth, freewheeling movements, there may be times when you need to lock the panning and/or tilting functions. Separate heavy-duty locking knobs make it easy to keep the VTJ-1.8 locked in place.

A perfectly balanced jib can produce smoothly flowing results. So you’ll need to add a counter-balance weight onto the back of the jib to offset the weight of the camera system up front. While you could use inconvenient metal weights to do this, Sirui includes a foldable, donut-shaped plastic weight bag, that can be filled with water or sand, that easily slides onto the back of the jib. To precisely control balance, the back section has an extendable weight bar.

When fully extended, the jib measures 71.6 inches. The arms can be closed to 50 inches for times when space is limited. And for easy travel and storage, the disassembled jib is only 33.5 inches long and neatly fits into its custom case. At only 6 lbs., the Sirui VTJ-1.8 is a portable jib that can go anywhere – even remote locations – with ease!

For maximum stability, the VTJ-1.8 should be placed on a strong, stable tripod like the Sirui RX series tripods. The Sirui RX series tripods have flat platforms without center columns for easy attachment, outstanding stability and enhanced vibration reduction.

The Sirui VTJ-1.8 Video Travel Jib helps you make professional looking videos that separate you from the crowd. It’s fast and easy to setup, built of the highest quality components and light enough to take into the field. The perfect jib for today’s demanding videographers.

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Model #
Body Materials
Min Length
in (mm)
Max Length
in (mm)
in (mm)
in (mm)
lb (kg)
lb (kg)
Aluminum Alloy
50 (1270)
71.6 (1820)
33.5 (850)
8.9 (225)
6.0 (2.7)
9.9 (4.5)