Zigview S2
The SLR Real-Time Digital Angle Viewfinder -
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Gives You FREEDOM!

• Real-Time viewing with no lag time
• Screen Flips 180° and rotates 300°
• Motion Sensor Shutter Release
• Built-in Intervalometer
• Video Out jack for external monitors
• View & Shoot from up to 70 feet away (with optional cables)

The Zigview S2 revolutionizes SLR photography with its detachable remote 2.5-inch LCD screen, video output, motion sensor, intervalometer shutter release, and more.

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June thru August get even
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FREEDOM for DSLR camera users to step out from behind your camera and view and shoot your images from virtually any position you choose.


Imagine the FREEDOM this will give you to see your subject and fire your camera, getting shots you couldn’t get otherwise.

If you shoot news, sports, weddings, or celebrities, now you can put your camera head-and-shoulders above the crowd, see what’s in the frame, and then shoot comfortably right from the palm of your hand.


Nature photographers, set your camera on your tripod, then hide behind a tree or a rock and be ready to fire when the perfect shot appears in your hand. Portrait, fashion and school photographers, move out from behind the camera, stand up, walk around, interact with your subjects, and then shoot at the perfect moment. You may never have to spend the day bent over looking through a viewfinder again!


Buy a Zigview S2 and receive a FREE transceiver cable and shutter release cable!

The Zigview S2, with a retail price of $469.95, is available from select photo / imaging retailers nationwide.



Buy a Zigview S2 – the Digital Viewfinder that won the Digital Imaging Marketing Association’s 2007 Innovative Digital Product Award – from a participating retailer during June/July/August 2007, and receive a FREE transceiver cable and shutter release cable, directly from Argraph. These two amazing accessories enable you to remotely view and fire your camera from up to 5 feet away (even as far as 70 feet with additional optional extensions). These accessories normally sell for up to $150.00. They are now free with your Zigview S2 purchase made in June, July and August.

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